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Growing up, growing older

As the time passes by, we get older and more experienced with every new day. As a photographer, I can say that my life experience has a great effect on my works.

Things that stay with you

Photography is a thing that always stays with you. Every once in a while we take a shot or a set of pictures that become a stuff of our memory. Most often, we take pictures of the moments that just make us feel happy.

The importance of lighting

Just like colors, lighting is very important in creating your perfect shot. What is better – ISO light or low? How much of it should we set up? Let’s find it out in this post.

Happy weekend blog

Not so long ago I came up with one creative blogs that I’d like to share with you about. It’s called Happy Weekend Blog. This is all about the way different people spend their leisure time worldwide.

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Photography has a truly magical effect on each of us. By looking at it we can recall the scenes from the past in greater details and even hear the voices from those ages.

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Observing the world through a camera

The sensitivity and natural intuition make our creative photographers the perfect men for capturing your special moments. The thorough approach and deep understanding of this form of art help enjoy each moment to the fullest. Having a passion for creating static and dynamic images, I have drawn up a truly rich photo gallery. Here you can find shots of different styles. Want to hire me? Check out the contact details.

    1. A photo can reveal more about a person than you might have thought

      Just like looking in the eyes, photography can reveal your soul. What’s more, a picture can bear different meanings. When looking at a photo of a newborn kid a woman will see her daughter’s nose, eyes and chin, a man will pay attention to the absolutely different details. Photography can provide not only a sense of place, but also have a historical and educational meaning.

      I am really passionate about photography

      I love shooting in both black and white and color. While capturing your precious moments I enjoy the way this form of art fills me with emotions, joy and happiness. I put my heart and soul into what I do. I hope that you can feel it while looking through the portfolio. Enjoy the emotions transmitted through every shot.


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